Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Life Insurance Plans offer peace of mind for your loved ones in the event you die prematurely or suffer from an illness. We believe that people should anticipate and foresee risk factors before they become unavoidable realities by purchasing life insurance policies with our company!

We at Blue Ocean understand that every individual has different needs and capabilities. That’s why we offer a variety of life insurance plans, each with its own benefits to suit the person who wants it most in their quest for security or financial stability.

The Life Insurance offered by Blue Ocean is a policy that protects your family’s finances in case you die. It covers unlimited amounts of money for given periods (10-30 years or until reaching a specific age), and its cost will be tax-free as well! 

Living Benefits Offered

The Accelerated Benefits Rider is a benefit offered by Life Insurance plans for people who are facing serious illness or injury. It allows you to receive all of your death benefit money while living if the condition causing this tragedy lasts less than one year, which means it could be worth upfront costs with no out-of-pocket expenses! 

Once you apply for this benefit, you can use it for some daily living expenses. This way you can live stress-free knowing that some of the main expenses are already taken care of. You can choose to use this for whatever you prefer, but some of the main choices are:

Protect your family with life insurance

Get peace-of-mind knowing that your loved ones will be taken care of financially.

What choices do I have regarding my living benefits?

  1. You can receive a portion of your death benefit if you’re still alive and leave the remaining portion to your beneficiary (in most cases, this applies to your family).
  2. You can leave the entire death benefit to your beneficiary and make sure they are all well taken care of.

Find the right insurance policy to match your needs