What Does My Life Insurance Plan Not Include? – Learn more with Blue Ocean

Life insurance plans have different characteristics and benefits. Some life insurance plans may not include certain things, like travel or health coverage for example. It is important to know what your life insurance plan does and does not include before you purchase it. Doing so can help you avoid any unpleasant surprises down the road. Because we want you to be completely informed about this before taking any important decisions, we’ve decided to create this small, brief but very helpful and concise guide in which we will let you know what most life insurance plans DON’T include, or at least, the ones Blue Ocean have to offer. We want you to have a full guide before choosing the best plan that most adapts to your needs with our help. Let’s get started!



Although it is a very delicate topic, life insurance companies DO NOT cover cases of suicide in their life insurance plans. The reasons behind this are varied but the most common ones have to do with the fact that life insurance is supposed to protect your loved ones in case of your unexpected death. Since suicide is usually something that can be planned ahead, it doesn’t quite fit in the life insurance category.

However, some life insurance companies make an exception for cases of suicide that happen during the first year or two after the life insurance policy has been taken out. So, if you’re considering life insurance, make sure to ask about this particular clause before signing anything.

Ilegal Actions

One of the cases that are not covered by your life insurance plan is illegal actions. If you commit any type of crime, like murder, stealing, and more cases that I believe we all have a bit clear at this point, your life insurance plan won’t function and it won’t be active for coverage. Make sure you really take care of your plan and take advantage of every benefit it has to offer, don’t ruin the possibility of protecting your family financially in case something happens to you by any chance. Listen to Blue Ocean, don’t take risks!

Extreme Sports

If you’re an adrenaline junkie and love to do extreme sports, life insurance may not be the best thing for you. Why? Because most life insurance policies don’t cover cases where the death is caused by an extreme sport or any type of dangerous activity. So, if you’re into base jumping, rock climbing, or anything that could be considered an extreme sport, life insurance may not be your helping hand. 

There are some life insurance companies that do offer coverage for extreme sports but it is usually at a higher premium. So, if you’re determined to get your insurance plan and you don’t want to give up your extreme sports habits, make sure to shop around and find the best option for you without bankrupting yourself. Blue Ocean is a great help! We offer different types of affordable plans for everyone’s needs. Call us!

If you have any questions about what your life insurance plan includes or excludes, please contact Blue Ocean today. We would be happy to help you understand your policy and make sure that it meets your needs. And remember, Life Insurance is definitely a MUST!