Why should everyone have HomeOwners Insurance? Get informed with Blue Ocean

One of the main services that Blue Ocean has to offer to its clients is the possibility of being covered under HomeOwners Insurance. This might just easily be one of the most important services we offer not only because of every benefit it has to offer but also because of the importance and impact it has on people’s lives. Homeowners Insurance offers peace of mind if something happens at home. This policy protects you from financial loss after a covered incident and can help minimize repairs, replacement costs, or living expenses in the meantime until we get things sorted out! We know that every home or any constructed property is exposed to accidents happening to it. Some of them might be:

  1. Accidents inside the home (fires, floodings, etc)

  2. Natural Disasters (earthquakes, tsunamis, etc)

  3. Robbery

  4. Assaults

And more.

A house is a big investment. Make sure you protect it with the right insurance! The best way to protect your home is with a homeowners insurance policy. A good policy will cover you in case of theft or damage, and some even offer flood coverage!

In order for the house not just to be an expensive luxury but also serve as living quarters during emergencies such as fires that occur without warning – it needs protection from all angles: water damage caused by fire; natural disasters like earthquakes; human-made ones too if something goes wrong while doing repairs on electrical wiring, etc. Having a home insurance policy will also help you get back on track fast in the event of any of these unfortunate events, but most importantly it means that whatever happens, your family will be safe and secure in their own house.

You might not realize the importance of having Homeowners Insurance till something bad happens… But after an unexpected incident, you will be really glad to have one! Blue Ocean offers comprehensive Homeowners insurance for both residents and businesses. We have a wide variety of policies to choose from and our agents are always happy to help you find the perfect one for your needs.

In case you have never heard of it before, homeowners insurance is a package policy. It means that the coverage guarantees both damages to your property and liability or legal responsibility for any injuries caused by other people on ours too! This will not only offer you and your family some peace of mind thinking that in any type of situation your home will be completely assured and has the possibility of being recovered, but this also means that everyone inside of it who suffers any type of injuries can be covered as well. 

Homeowners insurance is a must for all finance companies. All mortgage lenders require homeowners to have this type of coverage, and it’s important you not only consider what would replace your house if something ever happened but also take into account how much more expensive rebuilding will be than just repairing damage from accidents or disasters in general. There could perhaps even come down prices on replacement houses due to land value included with the purchase price!

The standard homeowner insurance policy is divided into several parts:

  • Coverage A: Dwelling

It consists of the coverage of your own place. House structures or building structures that include your living place in it are included in this dwelling coverage.

  • Coverage B: Other Structures

Any other type of structure that you own, for example, business buildings, stores, restaurants, supermarkets, shopping malls, and so many other types of structures. If it’s under your property, you should definitely get a homeowner’s insurance for it, never wait for terrible things to happen before you secure it.

  • Coverage D: Loss of Use/Additional Living Expenses

The loss of use or additional living expenses part of your homeowner’s insurance plan is something that would cover you for the cost of living somewhere else (hotel, apartment, etc) in the event that your home gets destroyed and it is not possible to live there due to repairs needed.

  • Coverage E: Personal Liability

Personal liability under your insurance plan basically means that if someone gets injured or suffers damages in your home, the insurance company will cover it under this section of your policy. We talked about this before in this same blog, but summing it up you can also feel safe about injuries that take place in any type of disaster or situation inside your home, this will definitely cover it all!

  • Coverage F: Medical Payments to Others

Medical payments under homeowner’s insurance are exactly what it sounds like: coverage for the cost of any medical bills that other people might have because of an injury on your property. As mentioned before, we know that inside a property we’re not only exposed to damages to the property itself but also to the people living in it or that just are in it at the time of the damage. And we totally agree that medical bills can be really expensive depending on the insurance you have and the type of injury you got, this is what medical payments are for! They basically cover the whole thing up so you have nothing else to worry about.

  • Additional Coverages and Exclusions.

Finally, in terms of additional coverages and exclusions, we sum up every other type of expense that comes up with the fact that your home just got damaged and you and your family got injured.

Once you have all these types of coverage set up for yourself and your loved ones, you won’t ever need to worry about paying huge amounts of money for repairs or improvements. You also don’t need to worry about the medical costs for recoveries and we definitely can assure you that this will bring some peace of mind to everyone at home. Here at Blue Ocean, we want you to always have the best, so we will offer you different types of plans that can adapt to your needs, budget, and interests. What are you waiting for? Contact us today!