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Obama Care has been in place for a while now, and many people are satisfied with the affordable healthcare coverage. It’s expensive to hire an insurance company that will provide you with everything from doctor visits to hospital stays- which is why it makes sense that so many Americans were glad when they found out our new president was able to implement this policy. But what does it cost? Blue Ocean Insurance offers different types of plans tailored just right based on your needs; we’ll discuss some tips below:

Obama Care is a great way to get affordable health insurance

There are a lot of factors that determine what Obamacare costs will be for you. Your age, location, and household size all play roles in determining the overall cost as well as if tobacco smokers can get discounts on their premiums or not! The following is an explanation about how these three components affect one another when it comes to coverage options under healthcare reform legislation: 


The number of years that you have been covered by insurance can impact your premium. For example, if an individual purchases a plan with no minimums and they are over 40 it may cost them up to three times as much in premiums than someone who has just turned 26 or 27 but still needs coverage because they were young when their parents bought the policy for themselves (and then passed this down).

Wee people might find these extra costs difficult since many older adults use tobacco products which leads not only to higher rates on health plans made specifically catered towards seniors–but also those offered through commercial policies like Individual Marketplaces under ACA exchanges where there is a pre-authorization requirement before.


When you’re shopping for health insurance, the cost of living in your area is one factor that should be considered. State and local laws also play a role; some may offer lower premiums than others if they don’t have as many competing companies there compared to other areas which keep rates down across all policyholders – but this won’t matter much unless everyone who lives within those borders has coverage from an insurer or two providers operating locally at least!


Income is one of the most important factors in determining whether you qualify for an ACA subsidy, which can reduce your costs on Obamacare. The average monthly premium before subsidies at $411 per month according to the U.S Department of Health and Human Services study. Thanks to this help from tax credits or advanced payments through marketplaces 18% of Obamacare enrollees afford coverage without paying anything while 26% get premiums that are less than 10 dollars each month.


If you make between 100% and 138% of the Federal Poverty Level, then there are two types of health insurance subsidies that may be available to help cover your premium. These include tax credits (premiums) and cost-sharing reductions which reduce out-of-pocket expenses like deductibles or copayments for doctor visits/testings etc., respectively. If living in an expanded Medicaid state means full eligibility with no other requirements besides being legally eligible – this usually equates choosing one over another because these policies have different benefits depending on what type they’re given as well:

The ACA offers Americans with low incomes access to Healthcare Insurance where they can purchase Marketplace plans; however, if someone qualifies too much above the Federal Poverty Level, they could be penalized for purchasing coverage after having gone uninsured. The Obama care insurance cost is not the same for everyone out there. There are costs associated with each person that doesn’t take into consideration age or income which can lead to higher premiums if someone smokes cigarettes because it’s a pre-existing condition. 

Type of plan

What’s the cost of your premium going to depend on whether it’s an individual or family plan, and which type you choose? There are five different types: Catastrophic Insurance (covers just about everything), Bronze Plans that cover more at a reduced price but require some out-of-pocket spending if something goes wrong with treatment like hospitalization expenses; Silver plans offer less coverage than its counterparts but still have lower monthly premiums while Gold Plan offers better protection against major medical expenditures by offering higher benefits in exchange for increased costs through deductibles+/- co-pay amounts.

The Affordable Care Act will provide you with the best healthcare coverage

Obama Care Insurance is something that everyone should have because the cost of healthcare without it is just too high. You never know when you’ll need to go seek medical help, and the affordable care act insurance is something that will protect you during your entire life. ACA aims to achieve this through mandates, subsidies, and tax credits for individuals who purchase their own insurance outside an employer-sponsored plan or directly from insurers during special enrollment periods.

The landmark Affordable Care Act legislation has been a resounding success. More than 16 million Americans obtained health insurance coverage within the first five years, and young adults make up an important percentage of this group – many being newly insured people who qualify for preventative care like cancer screenings that require no out-of-pocket costs because they’re provided by their plan! 

Health Insurance for the Elderly

The ACA is a game-changer for seniors. With new ways to help hospitals, doctors and other health care providers coordinate their work so that quality of life can be improved while unnecessary spending goes down, improvements made in the Affordable Care Act are lowering out-of-pocket costs for millions more every day! 

The ACA reduces prescription drug prices for seniors and closes the coverage gap, known as a “donut hole.” Medicare beneficiaries who fall into this area receive discounts on their prescriptions every year without having to do anything extra – just by being part of Medicare! Medicare beneficiaries can receive many preventive services with no out-of-pocket costs. These include flu shots, tobacco cessation counseling, and other screenings for cancer as well diabetes or any chronic disease that might be an issue in seniors’ health care plan annually at little cost to them so they know what’s going on beforehand rather than finding out later when it may already be too late

Seniors over 65 are eligible under Medicare guidelines which cover the elderly population who qualify due to their age alone – this includes people living independently yet still requiring assistance with daily tasks like grocery shopping because without these programs we wouldn’t have enough workers anymore! 

Which health insurance company is the best?

Blue Ocean Insurance is the best in Florida because they offer Obama Care insurance that includes all of these amazing benefits. Our counseling methodology allows us to work with you, your family and your company for each one of the members involved understanding what options best suit their needs as well. We are committed to making sure that all clients have access to not only information but also guidance from people who care about them- just like Blue Ocean cares!

We believe that the best insurance is one that provides peace of mind for everyone. We are committed to finding and providing you with a comprehensive vision so that your needs can be met by selecting from different types of coverage according to what exactly suits both your earning capacity as well as how many risk factors there may or might not exist about whatever’s going on right now within society today – all this just because it will give each person some form protection if anything ever fell short during their time here on Earth.

When it comes to finding the right health insurance coverage, there are plenty of options. The Affordable Care Act will provide you with access to affordable plans that offer a wide array of benefits and features tailored for your needs as an individual or family member. You can contact Blue Ocean Insurance if you need any help navigating the application process! We’ll make sure you get everything taken care of quickly so you can focus on living your best life without worries about healthcare hiccups in the future. Which type of plan do you have now? What was your experience like shopping for new healthcare coverage online? Contact us today at Blue Ocean Insurance to get started with an application process that will leave you feeling confident about how much money you’ve saved in just one phone call!